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“Sell me this pen” is a line that forever will be tied to The Wolf of Wall Street. In the final scene, Jordan Belfort stands onstage before an audience, and an expectant hush fills the room. He takes a deep breath. Considers the audience. Steps down, walks forward, picks one person in his seat.

Staring eye-to-eye, Belfort pulls an object from his pocket and leans over to make a firm request: “sell me this pen.” The reply that comes back does not please him. So he moves to the next person, trying again. The truth is, “sell me this pen” is a trick question.

If you jump right into following the command, you fail. One of the most valuable skills that a salesperson can have is knowing how to sell anything. Being a great salesperson opens up many doors of opportunity, especially for entrepreneurs and business owners.

In this video, there are 5 tips on HOW TO REACT TO “SELL ME THIS PEN” IN SALES OR INTERVIEW and the details are as follows, They are ;

1. Knowing the Needs

2. Learn how to sell yourself

3. Research your clients

4. Ask the right questions

5. Call to action

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