Public Speaking : 5 Benefits of Public Speaking (2021)


The number 1 fear in the world is not death but public speaking. However, if you can master the skills it will give you a boost in helping you to achieve what you want in life. Leaders are usually a good communicator to persuade followers to believe or be part of the project and growing together.

By knowing how to communicate with public, there are so much more we can become example as a speaker, trainer, sales person, leader, live streaming to connect to everyone in the world and etc.

In this video, we are covering the 5 benefits of public speaking so that learners and explore to something may new to them.

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Free Online Speaking Tips and Tutorial Hi, my name is Henrrey and im emcee for events such as weddings, corporate events, private events, as preview speaker, trainer and etc. i have more than 8 years experience and over 1300++ events experience as emcee, speaker, voice over and trainer.

im doing this channel to share everything i know to those who are looking for methods to learn or improve skills in public speaking. From understanding the foundation including the DO’s and Don’ts, speech engagement, critical thinking, anxiety management, leadership, how to be a better emcee, stage speaker, facebook live speaker, trainer and many more

Please leave comments if you have any questions regarding speaking on stage or in front of camera and i will be more than happy to answer your questions with all my knowledge. i post videos every 2-3 days once








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