How to Learn English In A Faster Way

Learning English is fun and it is considered easy to master with the right strategy. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a total of approximately 230000 English words and the spelling would be challenging even for the most skilled learner. Humans have the most complex brain that able to learn almost anything in the world especially when it comes language. This is the reason why humans are different from any other animals. People want to learn things fast, send things fast and event speak faster. However, we all know not everything happen overnight. Language is a combination of words, grammars, sentences … Continue reading How to Learn English In A Faster Way

The Art Of Public Speaking

It is a skill to speak in front of the public and can be learned over time only if you are willing to invest your time to work at it. You can grow your skill and become a master of public speaking but first, you have to be very clear on why you want to master this skill and how to handle the fears. We can bring a big impact through public and vice versa, this is the reason why most of the people have so much anxiety and concern. The good news is you can overcome your nervousness and … Continue reading The Art Of Public Speaking