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Self-sabotage occurs when your logical, conscious mind (the side of you that says you need to eat healthily and save money) is at odds with your subconscious mind (the side of you that stress-eats chocolate and goes on online shopping binges).

The latter is your anti-self — that critical inner voice that seems to hold you back and sabotage your efforts. Self-sabotage involves behaviors or thoughts that keep you away from what you desire most in life. It’s that internal sentiment gnawing at us, saying “you can’t do this.”

This is really your subconscious trying to protect you, prevent pain and deal with deep-seated fear. But the result of self-sabotage is that we hesitate instead of seizing new challenges. We forgot our dreams and goals. In the end, we know we missed out, but we don’t understand why.

In this video, i’m gonna share with you HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY and the details are as follows, They are ;

1. Understand Self-Sabotage

2. Self-Sabotaging Habits

3. Root Causes

4. Self-Reflection

5. Set Goal and Make Changes

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