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UNDERSTANDING How To Maintain Eye Contact On Camera

Most of us appreciate the importance of eye contact when carrying on a conversation or delivering an in person presentation. Did you know that making eye contact is just as important during online presentations? Honing in on the camera helps you come across as being present and authentic. Focussing on your computer’s camera is how you do it.

It makes the difference between participants feeling talked to vs. being talked at. Our natural inclination is to locate the person(s) we’re viewing on screen – where they’re being displayed. Or sometimes we get distracted by movements (someone drinking coffee, checking their emails etc) if it’s a group meeting.

Or even worse we focus on the image of ourselves, picking apart how we’re showing up and thinking that we don’t look like the image that is being reflected back.

In this video, i’m gonna share with you How To Maintain Eye Contact On Camera

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