How to Learn English In A Faster Way

Learning English is fun and it is considered easy to master with the right strategy. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a total of approximately 230000 English words and the spelling would be challenging even for the most skilled learner. Humans have the most complex brain that able to learn almost anything in the world especially when it comes language. This is the reason why humans are different from any other animals. People want to learn things fast, send things fast and event speak faster. However, we all know not everything happen overnight. Language is a combination of words, grammars, sentences and etc. Thus it is definitely take some time to reach the goal. Learning and practicing are the foundation of the overall success. By knowing how and why we learn languages, we can make learning process even faster.

Finding a Good Reason why you Must learn English
I would say the “why” is the most important element in learning, the “why” is much more greater than the “how” and the English words or grammar. So now, get a piece of paper and a pen to write down your big “why” to fluent English. Really take time to sit down and think why learning English is important to you. Keep it only for yourself and make sure your reasons are great enough to motivate you everyday to master English. This is because you will get tired at one point, feeling like to give up and you will need the motivation to bring you back and remind you why you must do this.

Understanding what English can do for you— When you need it

You will get things faster progress when you have a clear goal in mind. Write down what do you really want to achieve, clearly state down by when you want to see the result. Making your goal clear can be easy. Don’t just say that “i want to speak English fluently” or even “get an English speaking girlfriend or boyfriend”, that’s too broad and ridicules. Clear goal will sound like “within 6 months, i want to be able to read any articles loudly and clearly” and for this 6 months target, break it into smaller pieces and must be very detailed. Deadline is important for you to evaluate your progress.

Accept the little challenge

Always challenge your last best to get a better you! The same goes to English as well. If your English is basic or intermediate level, don’t try to read the difficult articles. It will only discourage you and end up with frustration. Take little difficulty step by step, piece by piece then you will reach where you want to go. Reading the simple English like children book might make you confident but its actually a waste of time that you don’t even improve at all.

Let’s start with the very first step of English learning;

1. Listening

According to science study, if human keep listening to lot of English or any language, you will slowly pick up the sound, accents, words and grammar even you are not a good English Speaker. Te interesting part is that most people learn from listening even they do not understand what the words mean. It is possible for human to learn any language in the world by listening this way. This is because we all learn from the patterns just like kids, they do this all the time. They spend tons of time listening before they can really understand and use the language.
What you can do is listen as much English as you can and do it consistently. Try your best to create the English environment for yourself such as watch English movies, listen to English music and listen to audio book. You can listen to English resources even you are walking, do the dish, gardening, driving and etc. The main reason is to make sure the sound of English is entering to your world, your brain, your life, you will learn more and fast.

2. Learn new English Vocabulary

You have to imagine yourself like a vacuum to read all the English resources such as newspapers, websites, emails, social media feeds and articles. This is important because the content will be full of the new vocabulary as well as learn how other people use the patterns and grammar. This will help to improve quickly with the new examples, words and sentences.  However, don’t just stop at reading but make more efforts to the next level. Many people would have thought that learning English needs to be perfect in the accent and grammar, trying to sound like the news anchor. This would not be perfect without a wide vocabulary that will bring you even farther. This is because content is much more important than the accent if there is a comparison

3. Listening to new sounds

Our brain reacts differently to different sounds, the more we learn about new language, the more our brain can actually grow. It grows our brain bigger and the bigger the easier for us to learn.

One of the common problems for English learners is the letters L and R, that could be hard to read and hear. The study shows that when the learners practice the letters of L and R, two different parts of the brains react to the sounds. Most learners are hard at the beginning to differentiate the L and R, example Red and Lorry and it usually sounds almost the same for beginners.

4. Start speaking in English

If you want to good at English speaking, the only way is to practice speaking right now! The perfect timing is not the past nor the future, there is nothing better than “now”. Find someone to speak in English or join the English speaking society to live in the environment. Besides that, you could even find an English tutor to practice. If the budget is not allowed, another way is to keep reading the English articles to make sure your English speaking motivation keep rolling.

5. Practice Word Associations

Learning new words could be fun with word associations. It is game suitable for all age range which involving an exchange of words that are associated together. This is very interesting when you use the word association that connects the word with other words, sound, movements, ideas, movies, photos and even more. For instance, when you hear the sound “meow”, you will connect it – with a cat. When you see a picture of “beach”, you will immediately think of wind, shores, beautiful sun. The words come to your mind automatically.

Learning words through association can be very useful to speed up your English learning specially when it connects with signs. A study showed that it is much easier to remember the signs that look like than the word stands for. Just imagine if you are learning a new word “eat” by looking at the motion of hands and it’s not connected to the idea, it could be hard to learn in that way.

You could combine the word with an imagine, a movement, a sound or even to another word. It can be very easy to learn and remember the word when you have this strong connection in your mind.

Learning with video could be another good option, you could watch the first minute video and repeat the pattern. Usually many people can remember and repeat the pattern at least 20% and above and it’s really fun to learn in this way.

6. Practice to use phrases

Every single word has its own meaning and when words put together, it will be completely different. For instance, “I’m driving” that don’t have any specific direction where you are going to. If you add just two words, it turns into “I’m driving to town” which has a completely different meaning. Listen more to English material and it could be very helpful to be more specific.

Try not to learn only English words as it could be difficult, this is because many words have more than one meaning. Moreover, knowing a word does not mean you will be able to use it correctly. It should be learned how the words used in phrases, sentences and conversation.

7. Learning English with music

Still remember the songs you learned when you were very young age? Im sure you can remember and still able to sing the songs. But the question is how can you still remember them so well?

Music is a very important part for language learning specially for children, that’s the reason why there are so many songs to help them to remember the letters, words and learn how the vowel work.

As for adults, it could be much easier to learn with music too! We can easily follow the rhythm and sing the songs. We can remember the words and how the patterns look like, sometime we can even use the phrases automatically. Learning language with music makes the learning process even faster and easier. There many songs for learning English and its very common on YouTube, listen and sing along them, you will be speaking like a pro very soon! The more efforts you put in, the faster you will get the results

Everyone can master English language fluently, the only thing is not to give up and keep trying. There is no shortcut for learning English fast, but it’s proven that efforts make thing happened.

And as you learn, struggle, grow, you can always better than your best!

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