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Now that more people are working from home, online presentations using tools like Zoom have started to become the norm. But giving a Zoom presentation is very different from presenting in person.

The lack of physical presence and body language can make it difficult to engage and inspire your audience. Getting ready for your Zoom presentation is just as important as giving the actual presentation.

There are tons of potential issues you can face, like a faulty microphone or your dog walking in right in the middle of an important slide.

By preparing well, you ensure your presentation is as smooth and error-free as possible. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression and get a great ROI.

In this video, i’m gonna share with you HOW TO DELIVER A GREAT ZOOM PRESENTATION

and the details are as follows, They are ;

1. Environment

2. Posture

3. Dressing

4. Items

5. Practice

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im doing this channel to share everything i know to those who are looking for methods to learn or improve skills in public speaking. From understanding the foundation including the DO’s and Don’ts, speech engagement, critical thinking, anxiety management, leadership, how to be a better emcee, stage speaker, facebook live speaker, trainer and many more.

Please leave comments if you have any questions regarding speaking on stage or in front of camera and i will be more than happy to answer your questions with all my knowledge. i post videos every 2-3 days once








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