How To Close A Sale – 5 Reasons People Don’t Buy (2021) | Henrrey Pang


If you’re spending a great deal of time marketing your products and you’re still not selling the quantities that you would like, the cause could be a range of potential problems. However, they may not be as obvious as an elephant in the room, such as bad products.

After learning how to be confidence and product features, salespersons usually very happy to go out and sell but still find that most of the people don’t buy.

This is because the salespersons still not able to figure out what client’s needs and to create or raise the urgency to buy the products or solutions.

In this video, im gonna share with you UNDERSTANDING 5 REASONS PEOPLE DON’T BUY and the details are as follows, They are ;

1. Trust

2. Money

3. Needs

4. Time

5. Urgency

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