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How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime

Selling could be very easy if you know how to apply the right skills, right timing and the right strategy. It’s hard to imagine how important selling is unless your source of income depends on it. When it comes to selling, people always say “I don’t know how to do sales”, “it’s not for me”, “I’m not born to be a good salesperson” and they keep describing how hard the selling is. In fact, salespeople aren’t only selling something but they are more than that. Great salespeople are made, not born, there is no short cut for anyone to achieve success with knowing how to sell. Think of the last time you convinced your parents to buy something for you, whether you believe or not, you are selling something.

There are so many ways and techniques when it comes to closing and selling.
Here I’m going to share you the secrets how to do sales to anyone and anytime!

First thing you have to understand…
How do you convert something that’s a raw material? How do you sell any product? How do you sell a service where everyone is selling? The very first thing to consider is to understand that the decision is based on emotions. People buy based on emotion then only come with logic. Think about the anything you want to buy in your life, it could be a car, property, vacation, watches and it could be anything you want. Ask yourself why you want to buy at the first place? Why do you want to own it? Why and why?

If you have a deeper understanding of the buying, you will find that it’s all about emotion. Think about it, sometimes you buy the item is just because of greed, save money (solutions) or it may just generosity that it might help others. Those reasons are mostly related to emotional reasons. When you are selling something, are you just describing how important is your products based on the features and benefits? Or you are pushing the emotional buttons?

Emotions are playing a very important part in decision making. However, if you could apply the tips as below, that can surely help you a lot in overall success.

Do Research!

Time is precious, if you are expecting your client to give you time and know about what you are selling, you have to invest your time learning about them first. Everything is much easier today with social media to know better about what the customers like, love, hobbies and care about. It doesn’t take long time for pre-call as little as 15 minutes per prospect. You can research the details before meeting them with;

  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Company page
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • WeChat Official Account

Building rapport with clients

It doesn’t matter what position you hold, where you are, what industry you’re in – knowing how to build rapport can bring you pretty far with opportunities. When you know how to build the rapport with someone, he or she will want to help you. Always remember this, people only love to do business with the one they know, like and trust.
Some people might argue that this is inborn skills but I would say rapport can be developed naturally and can be improved from time to time just like any other skill.
Imagine if you are walking into a retail store, the promoter wouldn’t immediately say “Hello, would you like to buy this nice television?”. Usually will greet you with “Welcome” and start to ask “How are you today?” and “How may I help you?”. You might be feeling comfortable and start to comment what are the things you are looking for. They will build up the rapport and making you comfortable with the environment and the staff.
Similarly, when you are dealing with your prospect you have never meet or spoken before, it’s important to learn about them. If you notice your prospect love fishing, you may study more on the hobby and open asking about fishing related matters and make them love to share and talk to you.
The end target is to get to know your prospect before you launch into what you have and what attracts them, why they should need it, and why you are the best choice compared to others. Remember to talk to your prospect as a friend instead of speaking to them like a salesperson.

Know your buyer

The secret of “selling anything to anyone” does not really mean really selling anything to just anyone without knowing your buyers. Regardless of what industry you are, knowing and familiarising with the characteristics of your targeted buyers would bring you higher success rate to make the deals. We called this an ideal buyer profile and its considered like a secret weapon!
By matching the specific type of the so-called “anyone” who is just right for your service or product, you will save a lot of time on getting the poor-fit leads. You could actually have more time to convert the prospects to customers.

Provide value before you sell anything

Most people spend time in explaining very hard about how good and the effectiveness of the products but they forget about the value selling. Customers usually buy your value or service before the products. Selling with value and solution to the customers are much easier. Pay more attention on explaining and expressing how it can solve customer’s problem. This is because when you focus on value, the price will become less important. However, if you don’t focus more on the value, the only thing you can talk about is price and face the price war.
Position yourself as a professional advisor who can able to help and provide solution rather than a salesperson thirsty to sell. You will find much easier to make any deal when you finally get to connecting clients problem with your solution or in another word: A good helper

Quality questions and listen

Quality questions and listen
We are not perfect, no matter how good your research on your prospect, there will be some imperfections on the knowledge and that might not solve the problems. Thus, it’s very crucial to ask good questions throughout your conversation with prospects.
Below are the open-ended questions to build rapport, build and to strengthen the connection and trust with the clients.
What’s going on in your business these days? How have things changed?
What are your plans for this weekend?
It was a great session to know a short version of you in a meeting, but since we’re going to have dinner, I’d love to know a longer version. How did you come up with this company?

It’s good to have a list of the prepared questions as a starter and you just take it as a reference. This is because there is nothing fixed in a conversation and usually it will be unexpected. People love talking about themselves, their experience, hobby and your genuine interest will help to warm you up.
Once you have started your question, silent and just listen to them. You got to really listen what the buyer is going to say and that is the great moment to receive the information from them. When they have finished their thought, link back the message back to them and verify again with them if you understood them correctly. You will be an active listener. The more we listen, the more we know about our clients and it would easier for us to provide the best solution. The prospect would feel good to talk to you and they will be more likely to listen to you when you have something to say.

Match your prospects to the right level

It’s great to have a salesperson bring their talent and unique personality to selling process. But at the same time, paying the equivalent attention to your prospect’s personality is even more important. Our personal attributes and characteristics have a huge impact on how to like to be sold.

Here’s a brief breakdown on the 4 main personality of the buyers and how to sell them


They are goal-oriented and decisive. Usually they look into the results rather than the personal relationships. They might not response to your festival wish or even send you holiday cards, but it can deliver the end results and commitments, the business relationship will be very strong. People with assertive personality types are also want information fast so that can make decision and move on.

How to sell them?

Professionalism is always the first thing they are looking at. Always make sure you’re well prepared for the meeting and if you don’t know the answer, you have to be sincere and let them know you will follow up instead of trying to give the inaccurate answer.
Assertive people love efficiency, don’t waste their time on repeating the things. They want the clear information.
Be direct to the point, emphasize how your service or product can solve their business’ problems. Assertive people will appreciate if you can demonstrate how the solution from you can be useful in their organization.
Provide more testimonials, tell more about the ROI with the clear figure rather than how much loved the service or product.
Assertive people are not a great listener, keep your information simple, direct to the point.


Amiable people appreciate the personal relationship and the trust with their business partners. They love new challenges and creativity. On the other side, they probably don’t do research before meeting with you and you have the advantage to guide them through the purchasing process.
They don’t make decision fast. They take time to establish the rapport with the people they are dealing with. You would expect a longer sales process than usual and follow-ups are needed.

How to sell them?

You need to help them visualize the end results that could achieve what they want from your products or services.
It takes longer time in building up the rapport as they want to feel safe in the business relationship with your company before they get comfortable doing business with you.
Testimonial and examples are needed for the similar successful clients who have used your products and services. Tell the real story why did the client ABC come to you? Why they still continue to use the products? What are the features attractive them most?
Take the role as a professional advisor to guide them through the decision making process.
Give them the guarantees from company such as the purchase is refundable if they are not satisfy or they can cancel anytime to claim their anxieties and make them comfortable to buy.


They very similar with amiable people, personal relationships are very important to them.
They are very concerned with other’s well-being especially the people around them such as employees and customers. The expressive people would want to know how their decision affect to people around them. Bear in mind that they have the powerful personalities to convince others.
Expressive people are creative, outgoing and spontaneous. They appreciate mutual respect, loyalty and friendship.
Don’t make any empty commitment or promise to expressive people or you will just end the relationship.

How to sell them?

Case studies, expressive people want to be reassured that you are really taking care of them. The best way is to show the real stories of how your service could help or impact to your customers.
Emphasize on the ongoing relationship with your customers. If your company offers the exceptional promotion for long-term partnership, this is the show time!
Expressive people don’t really look at facts and figures. They would prefer to look at how their decision affects their business on a human level.


These people love data, facts and figures.
They will look the history of the business and get straight to the facts. Be prepared to the detailed questions and don’t be surprised they would study and know about you.
They stick to their deadlines and take time to make decision. These type of people are more logical and cautious than any other personality type. Once they make the decision, they will stick to it.

How to sell them?

Never ever rush the analytic people, they need longer selling process as they need to do research and know more about the facts and figures before making any decision.
Provide more detailed information as possible instead of just saying “Our products have helped many people to lose weight”, you should say “Our products have help many people to lose weight averagely 10 Kg within 3 months”.

Once you can identify the category of your prospects, tailor your presentation and messaging to nail what’s best suit to them.

People buy with emotions

It very rare to see a pure rational decision, in fact, I would say no such thing. Emotion makes decision, our emotions colour the way we process the information and eventually make the final decision. As a professional salesperson, you should learn to speak out the prospect’s emotions as well as their rational mind.

The general emotions such as
Greed: If I make a decision now, I will grab what I want!
Fear: If I don’t make decision now, I will lose it!
Altruism: If I make a decision now, others will be benefited!
Envy: If I don’t make a decision now, my competitor will have it!
Pride: If I make a decision now, I will become better!
Shame: If I don’t take action now, I will regret!

After all, you got to understand people buy because of emotion and they justify with logic. Don’t push your products, services, features and benefits. Think about what are the emotional hot buttons that you can do.
Always think out of the box, people don’t buy the drill, they just want a hole in the wall. You need to figure out how to solve the problem and once you can solve it nicely, you are at the right track. The amount of money you make is directly proportional to how deep you know the marketplace’s pain.

Remember, people don’t just buy products and services, they prefer to buy stories. There are hundreds and hundreds of similar products and choices out there, how do you stand out in this situation? Think about how to add a story to a watch, what’s the difference between a normal $50 watch and a $5000 Rolex watch? They both are tell the same time but if you add in the limited edition Rolex watch and the stories, the price would be very much different. It’s 100 times more valuable. So think about it, how to add a story to your products or services. Always remember, facts tell but the stories sell.

It’s important to be professional in sales, but it’s even more important to personable. Prospects have own life and things they are passionate with. Build the rapport with your prospects and drift to the personal once in a while and it doesn’t need to be all the time business, make them as your close friends.
That’s how we think selling should be done. Now we want to hear from you. What would you add to this guide? Share your thoughts in the comments.

How to Make Money Blogging: A Guide for Bloggers

If you are starting the blog from scratch with no friend, no traffic and no resource, I’m sure you will be wondering “is it really can make from this?”

Everybody wants to create passive income and this will only happen when you do it right. Whether you are spending your leisure time on blog or business blog, it is possible to create wealth. Unlike the get rich quick scheme, blogging takes time to be recognized by the readers.  Let’s start this and see how you can make a profit with your blog.

1.    Choose A Right Niche

Grab a pen and a piece of paper to write down 10 blog post ideas that you are passionate about. This exercise should be able to tell what is the best topic you enjoy to talk about.

The next step is to do market research to make sure that there is a big market for your topic. Let say you love traveling, search with Google Trends and type “traveling” to see if this topic has any interest and how many clicks on this topic.

If your topic seems to be too broad and there too many big authority websites to compete, you can pick a smaller niche. Scroll down on the Google search results page and pick the related search terms to test to see how many people search for this specific term every month. Analyze it with AdWords Keyword Planner.

Make sure your niche is profitable enough to monetize your blog and make a good profit. If people are willing to spend money on Google Ads to advertise on your niche, you are doing the right topic and keep it on.

2.    Sharpen Up Your Content Skills

As a blogger, you need to be good at writing skills and that’s the only reason for readers to continue to pay attention to your posts. If you have poor writing skills, it’s really hard to bring impact to the people. Writing daily will definitely improve your skills. Your 50th post surely much better than your first, agree? That’s the only way. So how are we going to make it every day?

Find out when is your best time and the best spot to write a post. Don’t just look at a blank paper and you won’t have any idea what write! Just write whatever comes to your mind whether it is a hobby, solution, movie, tips and it could be anything. The goal is to write and importantly is the deadline otherwise it will be taking ages to see your write up.

Just go ahead give yourself 30 minutes to write anything, just start it and make little tiny achieves first. You will get better over time by keeping these habits.

Do thing once at a time

Don’t edit while writing, this is because writing and editing are 2 very different processes which much be done one after another. Importantly is the ideas come first and edit comes later.

Make it easy to read

Most people don’t read word by word because they are lazy by default. There is nothing wrong with that and we must provide the conveniences for readers easy to understand the highlight of your content.

•    Create bulleted lists

•    Use “deep captions”

•     Embed appealing images

•    Use short paragraphs

•    Add relevant and helpful links

•     Use subheads etc

This is how you can improve your writing skills. This is also the way you can write faster and better every time.

This is how you can sharpen your writing skills. This way you can write better blog posts almost every time.

3.    Get Traffic to Your Blog

When coming to traffic, everybody wants to pay nothing and get everything, it sounds too good to be true. Everything has a price to pay in order to get a result whether it is a form of or another. Many people may ask, is there a magic way to turn the blog traffic in a short period of time? How to grow from 0 to 100 per day, 1000 per day and literally to millions or even more? There are some proven strategies that work and you may start using the right way to increase your blog traffic without spending any money.

Publish Quality Content

It should be made clear that publishing content online is no longer enough. Search engine will love the quality content and users will find interesting so that they are willing to share, like, comment, follow or even purchase the recommended products from your link. People will only do business with the one they love, know and trust.

What is so called high-quality content? To cut is short, it means original and unique that the exact content is not published on any other website or in other words, no copy and paste.

Transparency on the author, users can know who wrote the content but not by the name of “Admin” or “unknown”.

In addition, it needs to be shareable and this is one of the most important elements to go viral.

Stick to Schedule

Once you figure out how to make high-quality content, next is to make it a fixed schedule to publish. Readers love discipline authors. Consistency is a very important part to be successful in blogging and it is also the most difficult part for most of the people.

When you have a fixed schedule let say every Monday, it gives another incentive for users to re-visit your blog. Not to forget that SEO want to show users accurate information and pick your content even faster.

Promote your Content in Social Media

Don’t just stop at the “Publish” button at your post, that is just a beginning. The exciting step is to share to the world, people will not know if you don’t share it out!

If you have done this with the right strategy, you could have easily get thousand followers in social network websites. These are the people most likely to share and find interesting on your content, you need to update them your new post through the social media accounts.

4.    Optimize Your Blog for SEO

You need to take full advantage of the enormous marketing potential of your blog. This is the reason why some bloggers able to make thousands or millions in a month, they must be doing something very different in order to get the result that others don’t have.

Do Your Research

I think there is no need to persuade you that keyword research is essential for your blogging success.

You may use the tools below to find keywords that related to your topic and bring traffic to your site;

Utilize Keywords Throughout Your Content

Once you have all the details such as targeted audience, contents, it is important to place them into the search engine. Such as

•    Page Title

•    Meta Description

•    Subheadings

•    Images

•    Concluding paragraph

•    Anchor text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)

•    Url

•    Social Media

•    Title tags 

Be careful not to fill your content with all the keywords, we are writing for human but not for the machine just for the sack of ranking. This is not smart and it will be penalized by Google.

Images. You could optimize with your images with keywords in filename whenever you upload the related photos, include your photos with rich description.

Encourage users to subscribe to your blog so that they can have instant notification of your new posts.

5.    Making Money with Affiliate Offers

You could even promote affiliate products on your blog post to earn extra profits.

The affiliate websites such as;

·         ShareASale Affiliates

·         Amazon Associates

·         eBay Partners

·         Shopify Affiliate Program

·         Clickbank

·         Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

·         Leadpages Partner Program

·         StudioPress Affiliate Website

·         CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

·         Bluehost Affiliate Program

·         ConvertKit Affiliate Program

·         MaxBounty Affiliate Network

·         Google AdSense

·         Tapgerine

·         Chitika Publishers Network

You can easily join any of those to promote products and if there is any buying customer from your link, you will earn the commission. You can write reviews about the recommended products to turn your hard work into profits.

Before you start promoting any product, you need to have concrete evidence and testimonial that are what people want to buy. Otherwise, you will not able to sell even a product to anyone.

Results don’t lie. If you promote a product with a good conversion rate, just repeat and keep moving. If it doesn’t, make an immediate change.

You can easily make $50-$100 daily through affiliate marketing. First of all, you will need a minimum of 200 daily visitors to your blog. After that, create an email autoresponder that sends email automatically after one subscribes to your blog. Send an email to subscribers for the first 7 days after he/she subscribes.

Once the email stuff is done, it’s time to convert them to a buyer. Send them a course or ebook which will teach the subscribers something that they want.

Example “The 7-day Tips How to make a Guaranteed $100”, if your blog is about losing weight, “How to Lose Weight in 7-Day Guaranteed”

The more attractive your headline is, the more attention will get and it means the more conversion rate you will get too!

You will need to help them make the process fast, win the trust and make money. When they trust you, they will definitely buy it.

Conclusion, is it possible for making money from blog? Absolutely, if you treat it as a business that needs time, passion, money and all the resources. You can turn your blog into passive income starting with a small amount of dollars and eventually lets you quit your fulltime job. First, you have to ask yourself, “what do you offer to achieve your goal?” You really have to study, practice and make better every time. If you love writing and sharing, I would say this is the best business for you. Not only is blogging can make money, but you can also connect with people around the world who have the same thoughts as you, teach them your best and exchange with a well-paid return.

What could be better than that?

6 Tips To Create Passive Income on YouTube Channel

Everyone wants to make amazing passive income on YouTube. Many people talk about how they quit their full-time job and making a consistent passive income on YouTube by making a couple or videos, pop on YouTube and thousands of dollars rolling in to your account. These stories can be very exciting. Who wouldn’t want to turn their passion into a long term career? The reality is nothing comes for free, a lot of efforts need to done before getting these so called “sweet stories”. This will happen only when you are well prepared when the opportunity knocks your door. Success will only depend on how much time you put in, efforts, energy, money and dedication to turn your YouTube channel to become something unique. Great things can happen when you able to gather the viewership on your YouTube channel with the right strategy, money will just naturally roll into your pocket!

There are 6 tips to monetize your YouTube channel;

1. Create Your Own Brand

Stop thinking about making money on YouTube at the first place, there is no quick way to earn money on YouTube. You can’t simply hope for everyone to viral your videos without a right strategy. The right contents are very important in front of the right people and the right platform when you are working with visual related matters. YouTube has over 1.8 billion users every month, there are many choices when it comes to elevating the voice and quality of your brand.

There are 3 things you should do in creating your own brand,

1.1 Equipment

You don’t need to own the most expensive equipment to start on YouTube, it’s not about how costly the camera you have but the contents matter. The minimum require of the videos are the quality image and audio which you could start this even with a smartphone. This is because no one wants to watch jerky, blurry, and poor audio videos. Keep in mind that sound is equally important and avoid background noises and acquire a microphone for crystal clear audio. You can always upgrade your gears over time.

“Without commitment, you’ll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish.”  Said Denzel WashingtonWinner, Most Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture

1.2 Consistency

Consistency is the most important thing for a YouTuber worth following. You must consistently upload high-quality content and grow with it. Make a schedule for viewer can rely on.


Invest time in research, script, content, refine your video and share it on YouTube.

It should be an enjoyable way of making money and not over commit uploading video everyday if you couldn’t make it.

1.3 Brand yourself

Better result will happen when consistency meets quality contents. With the consistent good quality of video, tone and your own style, people can recognise your brand. Take some time to sit down and think about your brand identity. What is your strength? Who are your audience? What do you want to tell the world? Dream remains dream if you don’t take any action.

2. Quality Content

People will want to see and learn more from your video, the more quality contents in the video, the longer they will watch or they want even more!

Valuable content could be in different forms such as teaching how to do something, why things happen, recipe, workout tips, mentoring and so on. The bottom line is to make people feel this is making their life better after watching your videos. Always ask yourself, what value you bring to people and how to make them get better. If you are creating more values, I can guarantee you that there will be more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

3. The Audience

A successful YouTube channel cannot be formed without audiences, starting with only few and literally increase to thousands or even millions. I’m sure everyone wants to know the “How”.

3.1 Find Your Niche

Finding a niche might not be easy to most of the people when starting a channel. There are some tricks on how to find your niche.

  1. Get a piece of paper to write on.
  2. Write down your niches and try list the 10 video ideas.

Example: Singing

  1. How to improve singing voice?
    1. How to train your voice?
    2. 10 steps learning how to sing
  2. If you cannot come up with the 10 video ideas for your niche, that would probably mean not suitable for you.

These steps can help to narrow down your niches and you should able to grow a group of loyal audiences.

4. Check Your Analytics

Use the analytic tools to narrow down your audience’s category such as age, gender, geographic location and watch time. You can understand more on how your viewers finding your videos. By using these tools, you could be able to find out whether the videos are attracting the viewers. If it is not, immediate changes and improvement need to be done before is too late. Below is the link for analytics tool to track your viewers.

5. Engagement 

You won’t become successful and make money on YouTube without connecting your audiences. The more you engage, the higher chance you could monetise your videos.

Engagement doesn’t sounds complicated with the steps as follows;

Interact – To build rapport with audiences, you may response to every single comment and make it as a habits. 

Ask questions – Ask audiences about what the like most about and what content they with to see more.

Active – Be an active user to like and reply their comments. This could help      your audiences to have better understanding and knowing you more.

5.1. Be Patient

Creating passive income on YouTube is like a long term investment. It’s all about how many hours, energy, efforts, resources you put into making your videos and they are probably not going to be great at the beginning and I would say it’s worth doing badly until we get it right.

From data, YouTube usually won’t recognize your channel until it reaches around 20 videos and above. Many people gave up before that figures and hope for instant results.

You must be willing to invest in your channel and treat it like your online business.

To grow the viewership, you have to grow your quality contents in your channel and consistently release your video at least once a week.

If you are doing this once a week, it would be expected taking around 8 months to grow your channel to be monetizing. This is pretty common time frame from scratch and it would be great to upload consistently instead of uploading all videos at once.

This is because when you are doing this systematically, you could analyse what works well and what doesn’t. Gather more information and interact with viewers to improve your next video, it’s all about quality instead of quantity. If you review your video once a week, you could have 4 improvements in a month. By the time you upload your 50th video, you will be an expert. Follow the tips and keep moving, you can hit the result.

5.2 Leverage Your Marketing Channels

The final goal is to achieve the view figures and in other words, more views mean more money you will probably make. Apart from YouTube itself, emails and media networks would be better options to leverage your channels.

5.2.1 Build an email list

This is the easiest way to connect with your audiences personally. It will be value added to your subscribers by sending email each time you post a new video.

5.2.2 Promote with Social networks 

This is one of the powerful tool to promote your channel. Start to create a profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any platform with high traffic. Share your YouTube link directly to those platforms each time you release a new video.

Another option is to promote your channel through social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites allows users to share their web pages, article, blog posts, images and videos. One thing I can sure is, they will definitely increase your brand awareness and content will go viral. Popular social bookmarking websites such as

They provide extra social value to your content which Google search engine will consider to rank you page.

6.YouTube Search Engine Optimization

It’s very crucial to know YouTube search optimization before creating a video, we must consider the keywords and phrases that summarize your video.

Some important ranking factors that YouTube uses such as

  • Title tag information
  • Audience retention
  • Keywords in description tag
  • Tags
  • Video length
  • Number of subscribers after watching
  • Comments
  • Likes and dislikes

Strategy to rank your YouTube videos;

6.1 Optimize The “Keywords”

You have to rank your videos in both Google and YouTube with the “Video Keywords” because they will have the video results on Google’s first page. For example, any keyword that includes “how to make money online” will always have few related video results. People will not want to see something that is not related, Google knows this and they will show searchers a list of related text articles.

6.2 Encourage Subscribing and Liking

It’s 100% user experience signals to your videos on YouTube and they don’t use backlinks for algorithm. Your videos will get better ranking if viewers enjoy and like it.

The 2 factors that drive strong signals to your channel are subscribing and liking. When people like your videos and subscribe after watching, it tells YouTube that you have a good video in your list and same goes to likings.

6.3 Google Ads

No matter how good your video is, the world will not know without advertising it. Google Ads play an important role as a bridge between your channel and the viewers. It’s an online advertising platform where advertisers pay to display brief advertisement to web users.

Investing in Google Ads will help to accelerate your channel’s growth and drive more subscribers to your videos. Thus, you must be willing to invest money into this and treat it as a business. It could promote your channel to viewers with pay-per-click ads.

All you have to do is link your channel to Google Ads account, create an ad and target to your niche audiences. You can also create in-stream advertisements that pop up before a video, or in-display ads appear.



There are more and more YouTubers making thousands of dollar from their channel by doing this. Most of the people are lack of consistency and that the only reason why they failed. If you do this with your heart, soul and passion, results will be definitely happened starting with few dollars to thousands or even more. Start to get a piece of paper to draft out what’s your strength and make a different!