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Open-ended sales questions are great for helping you find out what’s going on in your prospects’ and clients’ worlds. They are essential to sales success.

In fact, listen more to your prospects can gather more information and you can provide a better solution to them. Sales questions also help you connect with buyers personally, understand what’s important to them, reshape their thinking, and create better futures for them.

The importance of asking the right sales questions cannot be understated.

In this video, im gonna share with you THE 5 MOST POWERFUL SALES QUESTIONS and the details are as follows, They are ;

1. What motivated you to meet with us today?

2. Is there a deadline for when you want to do this?

3. Where are you today and where do you want to be?

4. What stopping you from reaching your goal?

5. if this meeting accomplished everything you are possibly looking for what would that look like?

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